Sashimi-Grade Cuttlefish (Bonno Mongo)


Ika mongo is commonly used for sashimi & nigiri.

100 GRAMS = 1.1 POUNDS

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Flavor Profile

Bonno Mongo (more commonly referred to as Mongo Ika), is a sashimi-grade form of cuttlefish. Complete with a slightly sweet flavor and a creamy, yet firm texture, Bonno Mongo is a favorite option for sashimi.

Cooking Tips & Recipes

Raw preparation    This product is approved by the FDA to be consumed raw*.

Designed specifically for sushi applications, Bonno Mongo is a favorite choice for sashimi. Simply place a slice over a ball of rice and enjoy.

*consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk for foodborne illness, especially for at-risk populations.

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