About Us

In 1978 J. Ivan Smith and his wife Jean founded Seafoods of the World under the motto:

Seafood is our business. Top Quality at the Right Price.

Managing Safeway stores across Montana, Ivan gained knowledge of seafood and the wholesale market. He and his wife capitalized on a missing market–opening Montana’s first strictly-seafood company. They started simple, delivering frozen seafood to a few restaurants in Montana in a rented Green Oldsmobile Station Wagon.

Today their son David continues the tradition, providing the finest fresh and frozen seafood to restaurants and distributors across Montana and Wyoming. He exponentially expanded the business through the addition of fresh (never frozen) seafood. For fifteen years we operated in our current wholesale office, dipping our toes in the retail business with anyone who found us.

Over time we found an incredibly dedicated and supportive customer base—so much so—in 2015 we built a public seafood market exclusively dedicated to our retail customers.

Located just minutes from Costco, Seafoods of the World Public Market continues to offer the highest quality seafood at an affordable price.

With President Dave Smith, Sales Manager Keith Tubergen and Fresh Manager Kevin Lowry, we have over 80 years of seafood experience.

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