Rainbow Trout

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Robust, earthy flavor with a fine flake.

6-8 OZ

Flavor Profile

Freshwater trout have a delicate flake and texture. Flavor is moderate with a slight gamey flavor.

Cooking Tips & Recipes

Rainbow trout works well with most cooking methods, but stick to simple seasonings like butter and lemon to maintain it’s natural flavor. Ideal substitution is a thin arctic char fillet, which is nearly identical in taste and texture. Salmon and steelhead are similar in flavor, while thinner fillets like walleye and grouper are more similar in texture.


Raised in the USA          Riverence brand steelhead trout (don’t get us started on the double name*)  is sustainably raised in state-of-the-art grow facilities along the Snake River in Idaho. Rated as a Monterey Bay Seafood Watch “Best Choice,” non-GMO trout are raised under strict regulations, including no growth hormones, no preventative antibiotics, and low environmental impact.

*double name confusion: West of Idaho, what a Montana native would consider a trout, is actually called a steelhead. Riverence is headquartered in Washington, so they are used to calling trout steelhead 🙂 Seafoods of the World also brings in fresh Steelhead, which we define as a larger trout that migrates into saltwater. Confusing, right? We’ll stick with calling trout, trout!

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