1/2 Pound Claw & Knuckle Meat


Rich, sweet North Atlantic Lobster meat in a convenient form.
Simply thaw & enjoy!


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Flavor Profile

Shucked and cooked for convenience, CK (Claw & Knuckle Meat) comes from North Atlantic Coldwater Lobster. This delicious sweet meat that has a slightly more tender texture than tail meat, which is often more coarse.

Easily add flavor and elegance to any recipe (think lobster mac & cheese) – simply thaw and serve!

Cooking Tips & Recipes

Thawing Method #1     Remove lobster from package and put into colander. Put another bowl or plate under the colander to catch excess liquid as the lobster thaws. Place in refrigerator overnight, draining liquid throughout. Rinse and pat dry before serving.

Thawing Method #2     Remove lobster from package and put in colander in the sink. Run COLD water over the lobster for approximately 5 minutes to thaw. Pat dry before serving.

Using Lobster Meat as an ingredient in a cooked fish:   Add thawed lobster meat near the end of cooking (bring to temp), rather than during the entire cooking process.

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