Golden Osetra Caviar


Golden Osetra (o-set-tra) Caviar

Bright amber gold color, medium grain size & clean, rich nutty finish.
Impress even the most experienced caviar enthusiast.

Keep refrigerated – consume immediately after opening for best experience.

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Caviar 101

Like a fine wine, caviar can come in many grades each with their own subtle notes and characteristics. Use these 5 defining characteristics to distinguish and determine the caviar hierarchy.
ConsistencyUniformity of the grain (off all the characteristics)
SizeSmall to large (2.75mm - 4mm)
ColorDark to light in hue. Golden color is the rarest
FlavorRich, fatty essences (buttery) combined w/ a nutty finish
TextureFirmness of the beads, the pop
Caviar with larger size, firmer pop, richest flavor and most consistency will be the most expensive, rarest and most sought after.
We are stocking beginner to mid-range caviar as an approachable step into the caviar world. Higher grades are available by request/preorder. Please reach out with any questions.
HANDLING: Keep caviar refrigerated AND on ice if possible. Consume immediately after opening for best experience. Avoid using metal utensils when handling caviar, as the metallic flavor can contaminate the delicate flavors of caviar. Mother of Pearl spoons and dishes are historically used to serve caviar, but ceramic and plastic would be other alternatives.
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